TUTU Unterrock Tüll rosa

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    • The TUTU pink tulle skirt is a piece that will add a touch of originality and femininity to your looks. The tulle ruffles fall delicately over your hips without showing them off. The light tulle band hugs the belly without creating any thickness, so it can be tucked under the thinnest of tops. Wear it with a Cadolle crop top, corset or shirt.

      This piece is unique and handmade. It can be made in different sizes on request. The production time is about 3/4 weeks.

      • 50% Polyamide | 50% Spandex
      • Color : Pink
    • Kostenlose Lieferung im französischen Mutterland

  • 50% Polyamide | 50% Spandex
  • Color : Pink