Our Values

The Maison Cadolle brings a particular attention to creating a frame for the silhouette of women. The Cadolle woman seeks the well-being, thanks to technical secrets for the maintenance and the sculpture of her body, and assumes an elegant look, choosing home-made colors and luxurious materials which will decorate her body by sublimating it. As we know, a woman at ease in her body is a woman who conquers the world.

For these incomparable conquerors, we have never ceased to sublimate the female body and accompany it in its movements since 1889, when the founder of the House, Herminie Cadolle, freed the woman from her corset by inventing nothing less than ... the bra.

Know-how and technicality 

You are a unique woman, and your morphology carries with it its own challenges. This is why Maison Cadolle cherishes more than anything the invaluable legacy it enriches along with years and fashions. This know-how, more than a century old, allows us not only to design a technical and sculpting lingerie, but also to ensure you a style that is yours (and even to cheat a little - or a lot! - according to your wildest desires).

This precious know-how, which makes Cadolle famous, is assured by the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label (Living Heritage Company).

Intergenerational fidelity

For almost 130 years, Maison Cadolle has remained a family business inherited from mothers to daughters. Every leader of the House brings her stone to the building of this temple of femininity. Each one of them knew how to preserve the excellence of the company, to develop it on new markets and to make it pass the course of the evolutions and revolutions of the world while remaining precursor on this mystery that is the fashion.

Today, jointly run by Poupie Cadolle and her daughter Patricia, the Maison retains this precious link that links it to its history and to a complicit and assiduous fidelity to the evolution of women, in their desires and their ambitions of everyday life.

A house of women for the women 

If we understand the Woman at Cadolle so well, it's also because we can be proud of having a workforce of 90% female. This diversity of women allows us to understand their aspirations and to know their morphologies in the smallest details. This passionate and fascinating work, from drawing to realization, to offer you the piece that suits you is one of the reasons that makes Maison Cadolle a lasting example of a success story for women and what can be a society run by women ... serving women.

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